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Original Photographic Art for over 30 years

Favorite subjects include food, trees, flowers, landscapes, and anything else that catches my eye, tugs at my heart, or makes me laugh

Clouds over Northern Iowa

Farm Country

Coneflower on Sunday Evening

Lilies in Glass?

Electric Poppy

Happy 4th of July 2020

Lake Superior

Jay Cooke State Park

"Landscapes show spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic....capturing the presence of nature but also man-made features or disturbances"

Cone Blast

Lighting Strike

Somewhere in Northern Iowa

North of Des Moines

Coneflower Art

More Sunday Cones

The ‘Cones’ are Coming

Good Morning Daisies

Early Columbine

Early Peony

I don't garden. Vegetables in years past, but even that was pretty minimal. And yet, I have a large body of work around florals; even had a 40 piece show (almost all flowers) back in 2017 at Vine Arts Center. THANK YOU friends, neighbors, and south Minneapolis communities for providing such beauty and diversity for my iPhone camera. I so greatly appreciate it.

K and K’s Front Yard Lilies

A Rose is Never Just a Rose


Sometimes you don't know you have a favorite theme or subject until you go backwards to 'the way back' of your photo library. "

"You must not blame me if I do talk to the clouds" - Henry Thoreau

North of Des Moines

Storm Cloud Over Green Bay

Stripy Clouds

Powderhorn Sunrise

Right Out the Front Door

Like an Anvil in the Sky

Clouds Over Powderhorn

Clouds Over de las dos Casas

Into the Storm

Clouds with Sunset

Clouds Over de las dos Casas #2

I've lived in Minnesota since 1985 but was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. While I've always lived in cities, the big open spaces of the Midwest shaped my childhood and continue to draw my eye and pull in my heart.

Iowa Oaks

In Waukee

Winter Farmscape

Ye Olde Bread Factory

Down in the Valley

The Very Good Badlands

The Meadow, at de las Dos Casas

Purple Lilacs

Sunflower Love

Pretty in Pink

Moonlight Clematis

Grand Pinky Lily

I so love taking photos of flowers. They don't move; or at least not too much.

Come to Worship

The Beginning of Lilyfest 2020

First to Arrive

Pinky Peony


Downtown Minneapolis from across the River

From the Guthrie Window

Obama Ate Here

Downtown Moment

Nectarine Abstract

Canned Peaches and Apples

Yes, I like to play with my food

Orange Abstract

Cabbage Road

Severe Weather Radar Abstract

Ice Art 2019

Ice Globe Abstract

Misty Michigan Woods

Looking North, on Lake Michigan

Evening on Lake Michigan

Evening at the Harbor

I do not like to be IN water; you never know where the sharks are, but I love being around water. I could spend a week at a Maine beach house, never dip a toe in the sea, and be completely happy.

Crossing Mackinaw

Coffee Cat

Samba in the Daisies

Fun in the Country

I Want Out

What do photos capture? Reality? A split second in time? An emotion felt by the one taking the photo? The viewer never knows how he or she has been manipulated

Early Morning Walk in Powderhorn Park

Grasses in the Park

Looking Towards Global Market

Last One to Fall

Powderhorn Sunset

Mid-June in Powderhorn Park

The Perfect Day is Waiting